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The Overview Of Bearing Cage

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:57:38

Bearing cage can also be called retainer, which can be translated to cage and retainer. The bearing cage is used to isolate rolling body and guide rolling body move in the normal orbit. Cage is a small part of bearing. Although it is just a small part, we cannot ignore its effect. It can not only prevent rolling body from falling off and guide rolling body move in the normal orbit and make equal distance between rolling bodies to achieve the purpose of load distribution on average, but also can prevent rolling body from friction and collision when working.

There are many kinds of bearing cages, which can be generally divided into three categories, stamping cage, solid cage and pillar cage. Common stamping cages have wave type and crown type and common materials include stamping steel, machine cut steel and stamping copper.

Then we will talk about some bearing cage materials. The common cage material is nylon cage. The characteristic of nylon 6.6 is that strength and elasticity can have a good combination and the service life of cage gradually shortens with rise temperature and corrosion of lubricant. It also set a limit in low temperature. The reason is that nylon will lose elasticity and may lead to cage failure, while the working temperature of nylon 4.6 is 15 degrees higher than nylon 6.6.

The other two common cage materials are PEFE and PEEK. PTFE is composed ofTeflon and is a common plastic specification.?PEEK is composed of engineering?plastic and has high hardness. Relatively heat resistance and corrosion resistance of?PEEK are better and are suitable for such demanding conditions as high speed,chemical reaction or high temperature. Another kind is phenolic resin cage and it can bear strong centrifugal force and acceleration fore, but cannot be resistant to high working temperature.

Bearing cages have lots of shapes and materials. Whether we choose cage correctly or not directly affect bearing's operating and service life. Maintenance of bearing's service life is also equally important as maintenance of cage. So when choosing cages, we should consider the requirements for temperature and rotation speed. As to maintenance of cage, enough lubricant is needed, so we add lubricant in time to maintain. At the same time, we should maintain cleaness.