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The New Skf Thermal Camera Tkti 20 A Thermal Camera Equipped With Features Thermographers Really Need

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:21:32
SKF Maintenance Products announces the release of the new SKF Thermal Camera TKTI 20. Specially developed for use by technicians and thermographers, the new TKTI 20 enables users in numerous industries to find potentially troublesome hot spots quickly and easily. With a 19200 pixel (160x120) infrared resolution and the ability to display thermal, visual or a blend of both images, including picture-in-picture, the user can easily view the results on the bright, sharp 3.5" screen. "The TKTI 20 boasts the following useful built-in features; four moveable cursors (with individual emissity settings), cursor temperature difference display and laser sighting to mention just a few", states Steve Gething, SKF Business Development Manager, Reliability Systems. "For knowledgeable thermographers, there is a whole suite of powerful thermal analysis tools available which include isotherms, temperature gradients, area analyses and automatic hot and cold spots." Gething continues, "Intermittent fault conditions can often be difficult to detect, but the TKTI 20 can be of great assistance in these situations. Simply mount the TKTI 20 on a tripod and set to automatically save pictures, or sequences, when a user defined temperature level is breached. This feature can greatly assist technicians to capture useful thermograms, even when the TKTI 20 is unattended, that can really help with the root cause fault analysis." With a compact, ergonomic and rugged design, the TKTI 20 can be used in many industrial environments. A user replaceable and rechargeable power pack allows for typically five hours or more of use. To improve working practices, there is even the facility to annotate saved images, with both voice and text notes, for quick recall at a later time. "Supplied complete in a sturdy carrying bag, the TKTI 20 contains just about everything needed to enjoy the benefits of thermography. Back in the office, the radiometric thermal and visual images can be downloaded from the TKTI 20 and processed using the powerful detailed analysis and professional report writing software provided," concludes Gething.