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The National Science Technology Support Program

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:21:57
The Ministry of Science & Technology organized experts to hold the acceptance meeting for the national science & technology support program "Large Marine Crankshaft Hot Loading and Key Cold Processing Technique Development" in Dalian on June 16. This program carried out the key technology researching in terms of the restricts for the large marine crankshaft in the development of shipbuliding industry, mainly brokethrough the fine processing of the key parts for crank, hot loading processing design for crankshaft, computer simulation, crankshaft processing cutting tool researching and other key technologies. Thus successfully developed MAN series 50, 60, 70 and the domestic largest 90 marine crankshaft, which have been adopted by DOOSAN, Dalian Marine Diesel Co., Ltd and other eight domestic users, meanwhile formed the batch production capacity. The successful development of this program has also broke the foreign monopoly, effectively relieve the bottleneck of "ships & other machines, machines & other cranks", which made a positive contribution for the revitalization and devlopment in China's shipbuilding industry. The acceptance experts team agreed that this program has passed the acceptance after made the on-field investigation, relevant inquiries and discussions.