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The Materials Advantages And Disadvantages Of Common Plastic Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:56:31
It is generally known that the plastic bearings currently used can generally be divided into plastic rolling bearings and plastic sliding bearings. The work surface of plastic sliding bearings always has automatic lubrication function. The plastic sliding bearings are usually made of engineering plastics with good performance. The materials, advantages and disadvantages of common plastic bearings: The common materials of plastic bearings are POM and PA. Their operating temperature ranges from 60 degrees below zero to 100 degrees. Basically, there is no tension because of high surface strength and smooth surface. With good automatic lubrication function and low friction coefficient, these materials can maintain traditional advantages of plastic bearings, and then are applied to sophisticated and high-speed running. The POM plastic bearings are the most widely used of all plastic bearings. Generally speaking, the materials of balls use POM or PA and the cage uses glass-fiber reinforced nylon 66(GRPA66-25). Bearings with glass, stainless or ceramic balls perform well in alkaline environment, but are not suitable for running in acid environment.