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The Launch Of Ceramic Self Lube Linear Bearings From Rino

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:22:23
Rino Industries Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new range of ceramic and self-lubricating linear bearings into their new 848 page mechanical drive components catalogue. Both closed and open bearings are in ceramic and self-lubricating as standard, with sizes starting from 5mm up to 80mm bores. The ceramic coated aluminium bearings require lubrication and are available with or without seals. Self-lubricating bearings are manufactured from a Teflon? composite liner bonded to an aluminium shell, the company states. Thin-walled metric bearings are also available, but in a closed version only. Sizes start at 6mm bore going up to 50mm. Again, closed and self-lubricating are both standard. For both thin-walled and standard versions, the shafts recommended for self-lubricating bearings are RC60, 300 stainless steel types but they run equally well on either hardened or soft shafting. Recommended temperature range is from -240oC to +190oC. Ceramic bearings however, must be used on RC60 hardened lubricated shafting only in order to achieve maximum performance. The proper amount of lubrication required is that amount which maintains a constant thin film during operation, the company states. The method selected will depend on the speed-load coefficient of friction requirements of the application. Approved and tested lubrication methods include lithium stearate grease, MOS2 dry film, most oils, greases and moly pastes. Silicon based spray lubricants are not recommended for use with these shafts. Company Information: Name: Rino Industries Ltd. Address: Foxwood Industrial Park City: Chesterfield ZIP: S41 9RN Country: United Kingdom Phone: 01246 261300 FAX: 01246 261688 http://www.rino.co.uk