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The Installation And Maintenance Of 608 Skateboard Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:58:00
Bearing is well known to us all, the common model of skateboard bearing is 608zz(8*22*7mm), 6900ZZ(10*22*6mm), 627ZZ(7*22*7mm), 688ZZ(8*16*5mm). The most common is 608 skateboard bearing, it is the star comes out most frequently. Many skateboard bearing users say that foreign matters inside stuck the bearing or the lubricating oil drying up leads to bearing's bigger abrasion, then the bearing's a series of noise comes. For the convenience to be smeared on lubricant, so one side of it has a rubber cover, but when installing, some friends make the rubber seals towards the inner skate board wheel, not scientific it is. Because skateboard is used outside, inevitably experience dust pollution and water logging, if small sand winded in would wear holder, leading to the whole bearing unnormal rotating. Therefore, we should remember that, when installing bearing, do not remove the seals, cover face outside, we'd better install a shrink-ring between 2 bearings--the stress is more smaller when shifting, the bearing is beautified and life extended. As a skateboard lover, practicing skating skill is very important, so it is as maintaining your skatboard. We can say every superior skateboard player is a superior repairer, so mastering skateboard bearing knowledge is necessary to a superior. If you want to protect your skateboard, the bearing maintenance should be in place, clean the bearing once a week. The clean work is very simple, remove the blot and oil stain on the bearing with a tissue, so as the inwall. The hot temperature would glue the wheel and bearing inwall, so often take apart them and install to keep bearing's regular rotating. Expect this would help skateboard lovers, in the mean time we use skateboard, we are superiors, too.