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The Improvements Design Of Non Standard Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:13:45    
The improvements design of non-standard bearings A half month ago, we received drawings froma new customer and said that: a flanged bearing, coat, and a bearing outsidediameter and coat open type slot, and cooperate for full cooperate installation. Drawings as follows:Coat drawing Flanged bearing drawing And varies drawings But if we followed the drawings, it will not solve the problem. The reasons are: First: processing costs will increase 300%, (bearing all parts to order) Second, bearing a coat of processing difficulty is big Third: no matter how processing, cooperate with bearing and the bearing coat is can not meet the drawing requirements. Follow is our design It referent the standard of 626 zz bearing,here may a question: why isn't the reference standard of 636 zz , the standard 636 zz all size close to the size of the customer.But the most difficult technology above thewhole bearing accessories is the Keep frame. This is a problem for everyone to think why choose 626 zz cage design.