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The Importance Of After Sales Service In Bearing Industry

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:00:09
Bearing is a high demand accessory in machinery accessories, which determines that bearing sales need to provide professional, efficient and high quality service. The after-sales service of bearings is one of the key points. In bearing industry, many manufacturers have the same quality bearings. Under the condition of the same quality, they need to compete for after-sales service. The delivery of bearings isn't equal to the end of the sales process, which is the beginning of the after-sales service. Personally, I think the after-sales service of bearings is mainly embodied in the following aspects: 1. Packaging. The packaging of bearings is mainly divided into industrial packaging and commercial packaging. Industrial packaging refers to bearings which are packed by soft or hard plastic tube, while commercial packaging refers to bearings which are packed by colorful boxes. The colorful boxes are imprinted with paintings, such as LOGO. The packaging of bearings should consider bearings' weight and volume. When delivering goods, we shouldn't put too much goods, then we can avoid damage in transit. Otherwise, the inside of cartons should be filled so as to avoid damage caused by severe shaking during transportation. The surface of cartons had better wrap a layer of tape against water. 2. Transportation. Generally, the transportation of bearings includes express, logistics, ocean shipping and air freight. Our corporation mainly adopt express and logistics. After shipping bearings, we trace the transportation situation in time according to the tracking number and timely feedback to customer and remind them to check. 3. Installation and maintenance After customers receiving bearings, we should help customers install and maintain. If necessary, we had better go to the scene to do the work. Currently bearing industry is very competitive. Customers not only see the price. They pay more attention to the quality and after-sales service. Only do we provide most preferential price, most advanced quality and most excellent after-sales service can we win the favor of customers.