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The Function Of Miniature Thrust Bearings

Release time : 2015-05-12 10:19:44
What's the Function of Miniature Thrust Bearings?
Thrust bearings?are used to support the axial thrust of rotor in operation, make sure and maintain relative positions at axial direction between turbine rotor and cylinder.
What role does miniature thrust bearing play in turbocharger?
Generally speaking (different types of specific model numbers have slight variations),thrust bearings are stuck in grooves of the fixed set shaft seals. We can also say that thrust bearings don't contact the sealing parts center directly because shaft seal is turned together with shaft and thrust plate is irrotational usually. Oil film thrust plate works between them and make axial positions for rotor, along with the floating bearings that avoid the axial moving and the radial moving of rotor assembly (the joint name for rotating parts including the turbine, the shaft, the impeller and the above shaft seal ) to fulfill the complete location of rotors. That makes rotors of supercharger turn in the designed position, never being of the direction to rub with intermediates, volute casing and pressure casing.
The Functions for Oil in Oil Basin of Thrust Bearings
Two roles:
1. Cooling Action
2. Lubrication Action
What Are the Features for Miniature Thrust Ball Bearings?
1. Thrust bearings belong to separable bearings, are with the contact angle of 90 degrees, could being set each, and support axial loads only.
2. Thrust bearings have low limit speed. It is easy for steel balls with centrifugal force to be pushed into the outer raceway and to get bruised. But it is not suitable for high speed running.
3. The unilateral bearings could support one-way axial loads and the double-way bearings could support double-direction axial loads.
4. The?miniature thrust ball bearings?with spherical seat washer are of spherical shape could eliminate effects of installation errors.