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The Features And Applications Of Different Textured Self Lubricating Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:04:00
Sleeve Bearing is self lubricating bearing, there is no need to add oil or grease on this kind of bearing to protect. They are mainly divided into sliding bearing and differs from rolling bearing. However, some of rolling bearings can lubricate themselves. 1. The main advantages of Self-lubricating: 1) lubricate itself without oil 2) wear-resisting and high temperature resistance 3) adopt the way to swinging or reciprocatory motion 4) heat-resisting and acid and alkali corrosion-resistance 5) none-polluted and environmental 2. The main materials of self-lubricating Bearing: ceramics, graphite, engineering plastics, composite metal,timber,etc. Eeramics bearing behaves well in self-lubricating bearings, this kind of material not only could be made into self-lubricating bearings but rolling bearings. It can resistance wearing and high-temperature acid-base, widely used in food machinery, chemical engineer, spaceflight and navigation, metal smelting, etc field. Graphite bearing could be the originator of ceramics bearings, ceramics bearings came from graphite bearing. Graphite bearing is of good and high-heat conduction and stability, enough mechanical strength. It is widely used in kinds of centrifugal pump, immersible pump and many other instruments. Its main products are aerodags, graphite sleeve, Graphite inlaid bearing, insert ball bearing units of graphite, and so on. There are many kinds of engineering plastics, our company produce nylon, riding wheel, PTEE and PEEK, engineering plastics not only have self-lubricating capacity but corrosion prevention and insulation, widely used in various special working conditions. Wooden bearing is the most original bearing, our ancestors made excellent wooden bearings thousands years ago. Industrial developed today, we still use wood to produce self-lubricating Bearing. The texture are mainly birch, nagkassar, they are harder than metal and called the hardest wood in the world, so do not think that wood is not as hard as steel. Their lifetime can reach 100 years, this kind of bearing is mainly used in hydropower industry, sailing ship model, etc.