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The Environment Of Different Material Ceramic Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:38:56
As is known to all, the most common on the market of ceramic bearing material has three types: zirconium oxide material, silicon nitride material and silicon carbide material. Every different ceramic material has their differently applicable environment,let is make a brief introduction of the above three kinds of material the use of some specific environment as well as the matters needing attention: 1, zirconium oxide material is mainly used in the high temperatures below 400 degrees, can be applied to general corrosion and high temperature environment, lt is not applicable to strong corrosive liquid inside, otherwise it may become phase change. Hardness of HRC 85 2, silicon nitride material also called hybrid ceramic is the most widely used ceramic material, mainly used in the high temperature of 800 degrees, it is a kind of ceramic ball which were added into the silicon nitride material , the hardness is higher than zirconium oxide of 90 HRC. 3, silicon carbide material was used in the high temperature below 1200 degrees,but is rarely used. About 95 HRC hardness. Ceramic bearing retainers are generally have two types: 1, PTFE material was known as teflon,it is mainly applicable to the high temperatures below 200 degrees. 2, PEEK material is mostly used in the military, it is mainly used in 270 degree high temperature environment. If the working temperature above the bearing applicable, you need to use the full ball without cage structure to solve the high temperature, and other problems. The early stage of the ceramic bearing are sintering, late stage are grinding. it is load is usually about 40%of the ordinary steel. Speed is about 30% of the ordinary bearing. because ceramic bearing hardness is big, so the installation time also want to install by static pressure.