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The Encounter Of Stainless Steel Bearing And Pump

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:11:27    
As the precision, flexibility and high efficiency of the infusion pump are concerned by people, more and more traditional infusion sets are replaced infusion pumps to make up for the defects of traditional infusion sets. At the same time, more and more medical equipment manufacturers positively research and hope to improve the performance of the infusion pumps, such as extending the service life of infusion pumps. According to the new needs of customers, with many years of experience and trial, the technical department of Shanghai Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recommends various types of bearings for customers'reference. According to the environment requirements(anti-rust and flexibility), we recommend customers to use Stainless Steel Bearings with a small amount of lubricating oil. After testing by customers,we got a good result, which is the same as expected. But the customer put forward to their request once again. They hoped that we can decrease more and more friction force to reduce more energy consumption of the pumps. In terms of friction, we provided an improved solution -Stainless Steel Hybrid Ceramic Bearings. Many people know that the ceramic bearing has high speed and anti-corrosion performances. But it also has lots of other advantages, such as light weight, self-lubricating and better anti-abrasion performances. In terms of processing, we choose oil free dry processing and amplify bearing clearance to reduce friction. After various improvement and confirmation,Stainless Steel Hybrid Ceramic Bearings in dry version is undoubtedly the best choice in terms of reducing friction. Meanwhile, Shanghai Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd can also provide more bearing options for you.