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The Detailed Introduction Of What Is Water Pump Bearings And Seals

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:40:54
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>The detailed introduction of what is water pump bearings and seals ?2004-2012 A water pump bearing is a device used to support the end of the water pump impeller shaft and which request water pump bearings and seals. Fitting securely around the impeller shaft and tightly into the water pump housing, the water pump bearing is designed to withstand the stress and load placed upon the water pump shaft by the engine's accessory-belt drive system. In many cases, the water pump bearing is charged with performing double duty as a High Speed Bearings for the rotating impeller shaft as well as a seal to prevent the coolant from leaking out of the water pump housing. Water pump bearings is a double supporting bearing with a simplified structure, which constitutes no inner ring for the two supporting bearing, groove for rolling element directly made on the shaft, the outer rings of the two bearings made to a unity and two sides of the bearing closed by rubber seals. In the condition of same loading capacity, the radial dimensions are usually smaller than those of same kind; while in the condition of same radial dimensions, the loading capacity is usually heavier. Because of its good steel capacity and easy rotation and structure, they are used by many developed countries including USA, Japan, and Germany and so on. The sign of a damaged water pump bearing can come in one of several ways. A squealing sound is a common sound of a failing water pump bearing; however, many bearings have been known to go bad without making a sound. Often, a bad water pump bearing will be noticed by leaking coolant coming out of the bottom or the backside of the water pump. In this event, it is time for a new water pump or a rebuild for the existing pump. In some circumstances, a rebuild kit is not available for the water pump, so a new water pump must be installed when the bearing goes bad in the existing pump. The style of bearing used in the typical water pump is a sealed Ball Bearings. The sealed bearing allows the component to hold the coolant inside of the engine without seeping out around or through the bearing. The bearing is commonly pressed onto the water pump impeller shaft since the fit is extremely tight. The outer surface of the bearing is known as the race. This is commonly machined to a slight angle on a water pump bearings and seals to allow the bearing to better resist leaking. If you have any requirements please contact us directly. Our water pump bearings and seals are used primarily in automotive water pumps and basically consist of standard double row bearings.Mainly exist two types design;1) Ball-ball: with two rows of balls; WIB, BWF, WS, WK, 885000 series, etc.2) Ball-roller: with one row of balls, one row of rollers; WIR, WN, WKH, 665000 series,etc.