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The Delivery Details Of Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:52:02
About the delivery, some clients can not understand that why we could not arrange the delivery in time after receive the payment if we have inventory. A sample conversation as follow: Client: Is the goods in storage? Sales: Yeah, it is. Client: I will pay the payment right now. (the time is 10:22 am) Sales: No problem. Client: Can you arrange the delivery today. Sales: I am afraid I can not, today is Friday. It will be arranged on next Monday. Client: Why? As you know, the client is angry. For, we must follow the rules of the company. If the sales want to delivery the goods in the day, he should send the delivery notice to the storekeeper before 11:00 am. The storekeeper will arrange the notice and handle it at afternoon. There will not only one notice just as a company do not need only one sale. The storekeeper have many works to do, it can not be worked if we arrange the delivery any work time. As the sample after we got the payment, it will exceed the specific time, so as a sale we can not arrange the delivery by yourself. A good company must have there own rules and everyone must obey the management. When we face this situation, should carefully to explain to the customer.