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The Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:12:53
Lily bearing is a maturemanufacture, the deep groove ball bearing inside diameter size range: 10 mm to50 mm, outside diameter size range: 30 mm to 110 mm, the width of the sizerange: 9 mm ~ 31 mm. Including 67 series, 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, 62series, 63 series and 64 series. The main materials are bearing steel (GCR15),stainless steel (440 c), 304 material, 306 material and ceramic material.Suitable for high speed running, and very durable, not need often maintenance.These bearing are small frictioncoefficient, high limit speed, simple structure, low manufacture cost andeasily achieving high manufacture precision. Variety in size and form, used inthe transmission, instruments and meters, electrical, household appliances,internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery,construction machinery, engineering machinery, textile machinery, roller typerollerblading, the yo-yo ball, machine tools, pumps, etc. Generally bear radialload, also can withstand a certain amount of axial load. The cage of deep groove ballbearing usually is stamping steel ribbon. After such bearing installed on theshaft, within the scope of the axial clearance of bearing, can limit shaft orthe shell axial displacement in two directions, so can in two-way axialpositioning. In addition, this kind of bearing can move limit bearing in twodirections. According to the size of the clearance to allow inner and outertilted relative '8 ~ 16'.The class also has a certain bearing capacity, whencompared with the shell hole '2 ~ 10', can still work normally, but had certaininfluence on bearing life.Lily bearing specialized in deepgroove ball bearing manufacturing for four years, have technical support andmore competitive in price and quality.