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The Authentication Work Of Hrb As9100 Aerospace Quality System Standard Started

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:29:06
The authentication work of HRB AS9100 Aerospace Quality System Standard started. From Nov. 24th to 25th, the authentication team from TUV S¨¹D has carried out the authentication of Phase one of the AS9100B and ISO9000-2000 quality system standard. The authentication content includes whether the quality documents are complete or not, whether they have prepared for the phase two or not. The authentication team was consisted of Xing Ruijiang, the Manager of Northern area of TUV S¨¹D and Joy, the assessor. Lu Yanxin, the representative of the administrative of the company & vice general engineer, Lai Wei, the vice general engineer & Director of the Special Utility Department, Ma Pinghui, the General Manager Assistant & the Director of Comprehensive Administration Department and the leaders and missionaries of the related department have participated the authentication process. On the closing meeting held on Nov. 25th, the authentication team has appreciated the support and cooperation from each department of the company, summarized the situation of the authentication, proposed some items that can not meet the standard and gave some suggestions, and they wish the HRB company will get successful result in the coming second phase of authentication. It is understood that TUV is the abbreviation of ???Technology Supervision Association??? in German, which was approved by the government to carry out the detection and authentication of the industrial equipments and technological products and evaluation and authenticate the quality system and environment management system. TUV S¨¹D Group is the world leading authentication group company with headquarter established in Munich in German and it established the division in China in 1991. It provides technological service to the industries like industry, products and transportation, etc. with service covering consulting, detecting and testing, expert guidance, authentication and training. Its ultimate aim is to help the customers to ensure the reliability, security and high quality of the products and optimize the environment protection and production cost.