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The Application Of Rolling Bearing In The Ornament Industry

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:51:09
Rolling bearing is a kind of precision machinery parts. It is not only used in all kinds of mechanical equipments but also in the ornament industry. An advertising design company found us to product a pendent as ornament. Before that I always thought that the bearing belongs to mechanical parts, only to load and rotate, never thought it would also be used to decorate. My client is a well known design company at home and abroad, mainly designs for many well known brands, including Philips, adidas, Toshiba and so on. The customer requested bearing accessories must first rotate flexibly, and have beautiful appearance. And the bearing must be customized according to the samples the customer sent to us, also we should proof according to the quality of the samples. I thought it would be very easy when I received this order. But after the fist proofing I found it was not easy. The inner and outer rings of the bearing where we can see must all be coated. After the first proofing, the bearing coating was not bright as we were expected but seems a little dim. And the bearing could hardly rotate, the customer couldn't accept it. After communication with the customer and technology department we found out the reason of the first failure. First time the material we choosed for the coating of the outer ring is nickel, infact the nickel plating is original some dark. So finally we choosed the zinc for the coating of the bearing. The reason for the problem why the bearing rotated not flexibly we found is that the nickel plating of the ball was too thick. Then we arranged the second proofing, we used galvanized way coated a thin layer zinc on the ball, and the effect was very good. Our customer toggled the bearing after they got our new sample, and the new sample rotated very flexibly. They nodded with satisfaction and signed the purchase order with us. It took almost 3 months for the pendant from a sample to final product. It was really not easy for us to produce the products which can meet the customer's satisfaction. From this case I realized that we must produce according to the customer's requirements, customer first is always the kingcraft.