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The Application Of Miniature Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:00:11
As told before the sales must know thecustomer's application, what equipment and what conditions? what the mainly useof miniature bearing? Followed I share my experience with you. 1. Medical Equipment Model asSR1-5ZZ; SR2-5ZZ; SR155ZZ; SR166ZZ;SR188ZZ; SMF85ZZ; SFR4ZZ etc. 2. Food Machinery Model as686-2RS; Grating encoder bearings, such as:683 open 3. The Car Instrument Model asMF137ZZ; R6ZZ 4. The Micro Brushless Dc Motor Model asR1038ZZ; MR128 open 5. Printer Model asMF105ZZ 6. Computer Fan Model asSR2-5ZZ 7. Motor Model asR1-5ZZ 8. Dental equipment Modelas SR144ZZ; MR105 open; MR84ZZ; 686ZZetc