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The Application Of Ceramic Bearing Under Bad Environment

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:55:15    
When using bearings, we often run into heat, cold, strong magnetic and strong corrosion such bad environment. In order to solve such problems, ceramic bearings are made. Our company has started to research and produce ceramic bearings in 2003. Our ceramic bearings mainly include Zirconia ceramic bearings, Silicon nitride ceramic bearings and Silicon carbide bearings. A customer found me one day, who had been engaged in the research and design of heating equipment from the early 80s, such as oven curing furnace and industrial furnace. Each year they produce and export all kinds of traditional heating equipments and non-standard equipments 5000 sets and they are famous oven manufacturer in the domestic and their products are widely applied to industrial furnace industry and electronic elements and automatic parts. The bearing model they need is 6203. They need the 6203 bearing to apply to ovens and the temperature of the oven can be highly up to 1000 degrees or so. Due to the temperature, their technical personnel ruled out the chrome steel material bearing. Firstly they choose stainless steel bearings, but stainless steel bearings become hot deformation after being installed. Later they refer to the relevant ceramic bearing information through our websitehttp://www.lilybearing.com and find me. The technical personnel said ''Due to high temperature and continuous 8 hours usage every day, their original stainless steel bearing rings deform and fall off and the internal retainers break.'' As to the problem, I firstly tell the customer not to use bearings with retainers on ovens. I suggest that they adapt bearings with full balls and no retainers. Otherwise, the material I suggest is silicon carbide. Silicon carbide ball bearings can reach to high temperature of 1000 degrees. So the problem of the customer can be solved easily.