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The 10th China International Machinery Industry Exhibition To Be Held In Ningbo

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:30:55
The 10th China International Machinery Industry Exhibition will be held in Ningbo from Feb 24th to Feb 27th, 2009. Exhitbits Scales ??Metalworking machine tools: machine tools and accessories like cars, milling, grinding, boring, sewing, drillings. ??Mold machinery: machine centers, EDM, EDM, CNC machine tools, engraving, hydraulic machinery, laser welding machinery, coordinate boring grinder, template share machine and so on. ??Molding machine: forging bed, punch bed and die-casting machine and so on. ??Die mold technical equipment and assistive devices: mold CAD/CAM/CAEt technology, industrial marker, measuring equipment apparatus, measuring tools, presion measurement testing instruments, projectors. ??Die supporting materials: mould steel products, copper electrode materials, hot runner components, cutting oils, lubricants, stripping dose and grinding wheels and so on. ??Die heat treatment and surface treatment equipment: ultrasonic cleaning machine, polishing equipment, finishing equipment, heat treatment and so on. ??Die items: plastic molds, stamping die, die-casting mold, rubber molds and various molds with standard parts, mold stands, and templates and so on. CHINA MACH has successfully held the ninth, is an important machine tool, machinery equipment and other related field fair in China and Asia area. The exhibition will invite equipment manufacturing, car and motorcycle, automobile and motorcycle distribution, electronic home appliances, mold, electrical power, ship repair, metal tools, electrical and mechanical components, plastics processing, casting, stationery, fasteners, bearings, power tools, stainless steel products, hydraulic gas Dynamic components, valves, food, lighting, electrical appliances, packaging, printing and other manufacturing industries and import and export trade professionals.