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Teflon Fabric Sliding Layer Elgoglide For Wind Turbine Applications

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:31:36
Maintenance-free ELGES spherical plain bearings, cylindrical plain bushes and rod ends fitted with ELGOGLIDE? are particularly suitable for wind turbine applications. These maintenance-free dry plain bearings ensure constant integrated lubrication especially where small slewing angles, vibration and oscillating movements form part of the operating conditions ??C without requiring any additional lubricant. Typical applications for these rod ends, spherical plain bearings and cylindrical plain bushes include, for instance, hydraulic cylinders, rotor blade adjustment, hydraulic cylinder suspensions, torque supports and flap bearings. Freedom from maintenance, long service life and high load carrying capacity coupled with compact design are crucial advantages of ELGES plain bearings, especially from a wind turbine manufacturer???s and operator???s point of view. ELGOGLIDE? is available in various versions which offer ideal properties for virtually all types of application: * ELGOGLIDE?-800 is the most efficient maintenance-free sliding layer, suitable for dynamic contact pressures of between 25 MPa and 300 MPa and offering extremely long life expectancy and high wear resistance. * ELGOGLIDE?-600 is a maintenance-free, low friction sliding layer with minimum stick-slip, suitable for dynamic contact pressures of between 1 MPa and 100 MPa. Furthermore ELGES offers the option of coating the inner ring bore with sliding fabric or friction lining. Fitted with sliding fabric, the plain bearings can be used as non-locating bearings. Friction lining simplifies the mounting of the bearing due to clearance between shaft and inner bore (loose fit) and at the same time secures the inner ring to prevent it from turning on the shaft. Spherical plain bearings and cylindrical plain bushes can also be supplied with corrosion protection. The outer rings boast excellent corrosion resistance thanks to Corrotect? coating. Coating of the inner ring is undertaken depending on the customer???s specific requirements. All anti-corrosion coatings represent a cost-effective alternative to stainless steels where bearings have to operate under adverse environmental conditions. No lubrication at all Lubrication of the bearing is not required. The sliding combination ???lives??? on the transfer of Teflon abrasion to the sliding partner. The transfer of lubricants to the sliding surfaces during bearing installation and/or lubrication has a negative effect on the tribological system since this prevents the adhesion of the Teflon particles to the counterface. In addition to a reduction in service life by up to 90%, the use of lubricants results in a doubling of friction. The same applies to other liquid media penetrating the bearing. If there is such a risk, the bearing locations should be sealed for tribological reasons. Maintenance-free operation and 100% dry running lead to maximum bearing service life.