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Technological Cooperation Meeting Of China Academy Of Machinery Science Technology Held

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:32:55
On Dec. 16th, the Technological Cooperation Meeting of China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology with Beijing Enterprises organized jointly by China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology and Beijing Research Society for Enterprise Technology was held in the meeting room of the Academy. China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology is one of the mainly research institutes that have strong technological strength and many technological achievements. It became a leading technological research team that constituted of 3 academicians, 20 young and middle-aged experts who have great contributions to the country, 273 experts who enjoy the special allowance from the government and 425 senior engineers of researcher level, which has achieved about 7000 technological fruits. The Vice-president of the Academy has introduced their work and the technological service capacity, presented their achievements in the Mechatronics Technology, Material Processing Technology, Welding Technology, Casting Technology, Precision Punching Technology, Warm-forging Technology, Automatization & Production line Technology, Nondestructive Detecting Technology, Heat Treatment Technology, Ion Beam Treatment Technology and Wind Power Technology. The Vice-Director of the Productivity Center of the Academy introduced the application of machinery standardized technology, products quality management technology and system integration technology in details. The leaders, experts and technicians of the technology departments of the enterprises in Beijing area in the industries of machinery, instruments, motors, chemical engineering, construction, power equipments, machine tool, railway, automobile and optics, etc. have participated the meetings and communicated with the experts from the Academy on welding, surface treatment, bearings, heat treatment, detecting, casting, coating, standardization, and tube corrosion-protection method, etc. The Academy and the participants from the enterprises all indicated that they will exert their advantages, enhance the further technological cooperation, propel the transformation of technological achievements, and improve the technological innovation capacity and product development capacity of the enterprises.