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The Developmen t of His torical Mechanics of Tapered Roller Bearings

Release time : 2017-06-27 07:07:44
Since the human invention of the wheel after the plane rolling an object than the same surface sliding objects significantly effortless. But the real development of rolling bearings is the beginning of the eighteenth century, the European and North American capitalist industrial revolution began. But the real development of rolling bearings began in the European and North American industrial revolutions after the eighteenth century. As early as 1794 in the United Kingdom, there has been the first patent on the bearing, after that, rolling bearings began to vigorously develop, and the development of more and more vigorous, and at this time, invented the cone roll Sub-bearings, self-aligning ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings, etc. These new structure of the bearing. In the rolling bearing, tapered roller bearings in the use of the area, it is only a little less than the use of deep groove ball bearings only a little bit. Tapered roller bearings have a large carrying capacity, good rigidity, can also bear both axial and radial load, good speed performance, and so a lot of a little and widely used in the automotive, machine tools, railways, metallurgy, mining and so on Mechanical equipment to go. In 1802 the French invented a reasoning tapered roller bearing with a cage. In 1898 the German immigrants in the United States invented a set of modern tapered roller bearings, since then, tapered roller bearings as a rolling bearing after the main structure of the type has been flourishing, and applied in many areas. In the modern bearing industry was born at the same time, as the rolling bearing analysis theory based on the elastic contact theory has also made a breakthrough. After that, a paper on elastic contact was presented to the Berlin Institute of Physics, which expounded the famous point-contact theory, which was usually cited as the date of publication of the theory, although the official publication of the article was in 1882 Then he published the second article in 82 years, laid the foundation.