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Tailored Coal Plant Maintenance Programme Boosts Equipment Availability

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:38:01
SKF, the leading knowledge engineering company, has developed an Integrated Equipment Reliability (IER) programme specifically tailored to the needs of coal plants which start business as Ceramic Bearings. The IER programme provides a flexible framework that allows maintenance to be planned and carried out more efficiently, reducing costs and increasing the availability and safety of equipment. SKF's Integrated Equipment Reliability programme for coal plants with Ball bearings is based on a best practice predictive maintenance strategy, which can complement and accommodate a plant's pre-existing programmes and systems. IER can also incorporate Operator Driven Reliability processes and technology for early detection and correction of machine problems, improving uptime still further. The Integrated Equipment Reliability programme makes it easy to define which maintenance tasks need to be carried out on which machines and when. With limited plant resources, this allows work to be carried out most efficiently and cost effectively. IER can also help analyze personnel safety hazards in line with the latest Health & Safety regulations, and highlight environmental risks, ensuring the plant operates safely, legally and responsibly. As part of the Integrated Equipment Reliability programme, SKF provides High Speed Bearings the software to allow managers and maintenance engineers to input vital information such as tasks, frequencies and job plans into the plant's central systems. Optionally, the software can be used to produce Bills of Materials, spare lists and other useful data needed for efficient work planning and scheduling. SKF's @ptitude Decision Support System can be used to optimize the effectiveness of the IER programme. The system can be completely configured to the requirements of a plant, providing an extensive library of equipment knowledge models to provide "smart filtering" of the data used to diagnose equipment health. @ptitude provides staff with the ability to determine the condition of critical equipment quickly and accurately and take the necessary action to ensure availability is maintained.