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Symposium On Strengthening Equipment Manufacturing Held In Beijing

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:38:38
On December 30, 2009, the Symposium on Strengthening Equipment Manufacturing was held in Beijing. Vice minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei attended the event and delivered a keynote speech. The theme was to implement the strategic decision taken by CPC Central Committee and State Council on strengthening equipment manufacturing, discuss the main ideas and striving direction in this goal and how to promote the development in this sector. In his speech, Miao Wei gave a comprehensive analyzed the severe challenges and strategic opportunities in equipment manufacturing and pointed out that the efforts shall focus on readjusting structure and switching economic development mode. He stressed that independent innovation is the key to the development mode transformation in which the combination of technological upgrading and Modernization & Industrialization is the important pathway leading towards industrial transformation; merger and restructuring is the main direction of adjusting structure; technology infrastructure shall be taken as the key mission in maintaining a sustainable industrial development; the cultivation of strategic emerging industries is the essential move for keeping ahead in international competition. Therefore, the strengthening of equipment manufacturing shall be stepped up. At last, Miao Wei proposed the detailed requirements for the next steps. CBIA director-general, Liu Enshi also attended the event and delivered a speech in which he summarized the performance of the entire Stainless Steel Bearings industry in 2009. New situations emerged in terms of corporate development: large-scaled enterprise performed better than SMEs; enterprises focusing on internal trading outperformed their export-oriented counterparts; companies in industrial clusters transcended those relatively isolated ones. These achievements can be mainly attributed to the accelerated R & D and technological upgrade. At last, Mr. Liu gave constructive suggestions on how to escalate the self-building in Water Pump Bearings industry, so as to contribute to the cause of strengthening equipment manufacturing. Zhang Xiangmu, head of Equipment Industry Department, concluded the conference. Over 60 representatives from 12 industrial and information authorities from key provinces and cities, 9 industry associations and other related organizations and institutions were present.