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Summary Of Linear Bearing Characteristics

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:49:40
Summary of Linear Bearing Characteristics ¡¡¡¡2014-2-21 I just met some customers who need linear bearing, but unfortunately I don't have a thorough understanding of linear bearing and only know some superficial knowledge, which results in that I can't very well solve customer's problems. So I look up some related information from internet so that I can perform well next time. Linear bearing is linear motion system which is produced at low cost and is applied to unlimited travel and is cooperatively used with cylindrical shaft. Due to carrying ball point contact with shaft, so using load is small. Steel ball rotates with tiny frictional resistance so that high precision stationary motion is achieved. Plastic linear bearing has self-lubricating linear motion system. To mental linear bearing, the big difference is that mental linear bearing is rolling friction and there is point contact between bearing and cylinder axis, so it is appropriate for low load and high speed motion. The above are some basic characteristics of linear bearing. From these basic problems, we can know the importance of professional knowledge. Only we know some professional knowledge can we provide better service for customers and get more orders.