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Stepnogorsk Bearing Plant Praised At Abf 2008 Business Forum

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:45:32
Stepnogorsk Bearing Plant JSC of EPK Group participated at the ABF-2008 Business Forum conducted at Kokshetau (Republic of Kazakhstan). The motto of the Forum where leading entrepreneurs of the Akmolinsk Region of Kazakhstan met with representatives of regional authorities was From Raw-Material to Competitive Economy. At the Forum, SPZ was among the enterprises products High Speed Bearings of which are being successfully sold both in Kazakhstan and abroad. The main goal of the Forum was the development of specific proposals and recommendations to support entrepreneurship and improve business opportunities aimed at enhancing development of small and medium business in the region. Alber Rau, Head of the Akmolinsk Region, underlined that bureaucrats putting obstacles in the way of business development will be punished. At the same time, the regional leader emphasized that business should bear social responsibility. He mentioned Stepnogorsk Bearing Plant as a good example of such responsibility which includes in-house production Miniature Bearings specialist training within the framework of the Regional Program of Secondary Vocational Education.