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The Quality of the Bearingis Simply to Improve the Quality of the Bearing Steel Material

Release time : 2017-05-08 05:14:33
Bearing is related to our national economy, a basic piece of machinery, bearing manufacturing, technology and so on these factors, the level of our national manufacturing level and the quality of the production of products will have a very important impact on the mechanical. Now the technology innovation and energy saving, environmental protection, and so on all aspects of the requirements of the manufacturing plant on the bearing requirements are getting higher and higher, so the bearing and related industries have to accept a problem. China's miniature bearing manufacturing industry after years of construction and progress, now has a considerable production scale and relatively high technology and quality. With the development of our national bearing industry to enhance the speed, and China's huge market potential and relatively low labor force, the foreign join also has a great help. The status of the material of chrome steel at our country The quality of the material of chrome steel directly determines the quality of the product processing, service life and reliability, and so these factors. Now, with the rapid development of China's bearing industry, bearing products, whether domestic manufacturers or the number of external exports, every year there will be a lot of growth, so the need for bearing steel will gradually increase, including: high-carbon chromium bearings Steel, carburizing bearing steel,special bearing steel and so on that occupy the main components of the material. So now we must continue to improve the quality of the bearing processing and use the material of good performance and long life. Bearing industry metallurgical industry is inseparable from the metallurgical industry, the technical level of continuous progress, the quality of bearing steel can be continuously improved in order to fundamentally ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of bearings and the healthy development of the bearing industry.