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Stainless Steel Taper Roller Bearing For Blender To Turn Things Around

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:22:26
Mixer in simple terms is a solid and liquid fiddling with the machine, it is mainly composed of motor, feeding device, stirring device and the device, its main reference chart is as follows: Almost in all kinds of stirrer can see the figure of bearing, mixer is primarily a load to the requirement of bearing is put forward, abrasion resistance, impact resistance. Do a chemical raw material mixer customers find me, he told me that he first mixer is a kind of vertical device needs to bear a large axial load, the other has a big problem is that because of their mixer is used for chemical raw materials mixing, so must be rust corrosion. Customer need bearing size is: 45 * 68 * 12 mm, they can withstand axial load of 3000 kg he first told me that they used is stainless steel S6909ZZ bearing, although can rust but it wasn't long before the inside of the cage deformation shedding, a shrill noise. I told him deep groove ball bearings mainly take radial load, and can withstand the axial load is small.And you need to carry axial load with deep groove ball bearings, apparently, is not desirable, I suggested that they use for their situation 30209 stainless steel tapered roller bearing. After customers to use effect is very good, they tell me early next year will bulk purchase, I feel very gratified.