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Characteristics, Uses and Advantages of Stainless Steel Bearings

Release time : 2021-08-16 11:34:26

Compared with ordinary bearings, stainless steel bearings not only have obvious advantages in material, but also in terms of process and precision control, they are much stricter than ordinary bearings. During their working process, stainless steel bearings work steadily, with low noise, corrosion resistance and wide application. In this article, we will take a closer look at the characteristics, uses and advantages of stainless-steel bearings.

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Bearings

AISI SUS440C stainless steel is used for bearing rings and rolling elements, which are vacuum quenched and tempered. The cage and seal ring frame materials are AISI304 stainless steel. Compared with ordinary bearing steel, stainless steel bearings have stronger rust and corrosion resistance. If you choose a suitable lubricant, dust cover, etc., it can be used in an environment of -60℃~+300℃. Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings can resist corrosion caused by moisture and a number of other media. This type of single-row deep groove ball bearing is the same as the standard deep groove ball bearing made of carbon chromium (rolling bearing) steel. It has a deep bearing raceway groove and a very high degree of fit between the bearing raceway and the ball.


Because of its high mechanical strength and large load capacity, stainless steel bearings are widely used in food processing, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical machinery.

Main Uses of Stainless Steel Bearings

Stainless steel bearings are mostly used in medical equipment, cryogenic engineering, optical instruments, high-speed machine tools, high-speed motors, printing machinery, and food processing machinery.

Classification of Stainless Steel Bearings

Stainless steel bearings can be divided into three categories:

 1. 440 stainless steel bearing series;

 2. 316 stainless steel bearing;

 3. 304 stainless steel bearing

Advantages of Stainless Steel Bearings

 1. Excellent corrosion resistance: stainless steel bearings are not easy to rust and have strong corrosion resistance.

 2. Washable.

 3. Can work in liquid.

 4. Depletion rate is slower: AISI 316 stainless steel does not require oil or grease anti-corrosion protection. Therefore, if the speed and load are low, lubrication is not necessary.

 5. Relatively hygienic: stainless steel is naturally clean and does not corrode.

 6. High heat resistance: Stainless steel bearings are equipped with high temperature polymer cages or cages without a complete complement structure, and can operate in the higher temperature range of 180°F to 1000°F. (Requires high temperature grease)

The Main Reason for Stainless Steel Bearing Fracture

The main reasons for the failure of stainless-steel bearings are defects and overload. When the external load exceeds the strength limit of the material and the part breaks, it is called overload fracture. The main cause of overload is the sudden failure of the host or improper installation. Defects such as microcracks, shrinkage cavities, bubbles, large foreign objects, overheated tissues, and local burns of bearing parts can also cause fracture at the defect when impact overload or severe vibration, which is called defect fracture. It should be pointed out that in the manufacturing process of the bearing, the re-inspection of raw materials, the quality control of forging and heat treatment, and the control of the processing process can correctly analyze the existence of the above-mentioned defects through the instrument, and the control must be strengthened in the future. But generally speaking, most of the fracture failures of stainless steel bearings that usually occur are overload failures.


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