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Stainless Steel Needle Roller Bearings Helped Food Packaging Machinery Run Efficiently

Release time : 2022-09-26 09:36:19    

With the increasing standard of living, human beings pay more attention to dietary health. For food processing and packaging machinery, any small part of the equipment is closely related to the health of human beings. As the soul of the machinery, bearings play a key role. How to select a suitable bearing solution will be invaluable. Not so long ago, Lily Bearing successfully helped a food packaging machinery manufacturer customize a set of non-standard solution of needle roller bearings. The solution was also a kind of customized stainless steel bearings. The solution was mainly used for the conveyor belt unit of the client's packaging machinery.

Before adopting Lilys solution of needle roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings were used in the client's equipment. Below shows the structure diagram of the clients deep groove ball application.

Structure diagram of the clients former deep groove ball bearings

According to the client, deep groove ball bearings initially installed in the equipment can not bear more loads while the machinery was in operation. Therefore, the client turned to seek a better solution. After having a good knowledge of the working conditions of the client's equipment, Lily s engineers recommended the use of needle roller bearings instead of deep groove ball bearings. And they gave certain instructions for this solution after a full consideration of the structures, loads, rotating torques as well as other characteristics of needle roller bearings.

In terms of the structure, the rolling elements in needle bearings are thin and long. Usually the diameter of the roller is not greater than 5 mm and the length is generally 3-10 times the diameter of the needle roller. Further, the number of needle rollers are in large quantities and these needle rollers have little spacing in structure. They are suitable for the supporting structure in which the radial installation size is limited. Needle roller bearings are light-weighted and space-saving. These characteristics can reduce the negative impact of inertia generated during the movement of needle roller bearings.

needle roller bearings

needle roller bearings

Although needle roller bearings are compact in structure and have a low space occupation, they have a superb load capacity. Compared with deep groove ball bearings, needle roller bearings have a significant advantage in terms of load capacity. In addition, due to the small internal clearance of needle roller bearings, the rigidity of the bearings can be increased by means of pre-loading.

As far as the friction coefficient is concerned, needle roller bearings have a low coefficient of friction, generally between 0.001 and 0.005. The low friction coefficient can ensure that needle roller bearings have high transmission efficiency and can generate little heat in operation. In this sense, it can reduce the consumption of lubricants. Whats more, needle roller bearings have a low rotational torque. When subjected to the same friction, the rotation radii of needle roller bearings are small, and therefore the rotation torque is also in the low value range. The low rotation torque can improve the efficiency of the client's machinery, and thus reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

As for the material of needle roller bearings, Lilys engineers suggested the stainless steel material. The reason is that the clients equipment might work in applications of the wet or even corrosive environment. The stainless steel needle roller bearings are equipped with functions of anti-corrosion and rust resistance. In addition, in the process of developing needle roller bearings, the heat treatment process is also taken to ensure that the needle roller bearings have excellent mechanical properties as well as a long life.

According to the client, the hardness of the shaft of deep groove ball bearings originally used in the equipment before was not enough. The client hoped that while designing the solution of needle roller bearings, the hardness of the shaft could be optimized. The client also wanted to have a sleeve or something to protect the shaft. Meanwhile, the client also showed that the mounting space was limited and there was no space for shims on both sides to stop the inner ring from sliding. Therefore, he wanted a good way to improve the condition of the inner ring sliding randomly. In response, Lilys engineers designed the shafts of needle roller bearings in a special way. Accurately, the spacer was designed on one side to stop the inner ring from sliding and there were no spacers on the other side in order to facilitate the client to add lubricant. The design and installation drawings were as follows:

Design drawings of the solution of needle roller bearings

Installation drawing of the solution of needle roller bearings

Installation drawing of the solution of needle roller bearings

After the sample testing, the client highly regarded the simple and dexterous way of designing and then ordered stainless steel needle roller bearings of such kinds in large quantities. In addition, the client also expressed his willingness to become a long-term partner with Lily Bearing. Actually, Lily Bearings good reputation is inseparable from its rich bearing experience, high quality products, top-torch services as well as professionalism of the specialist team. As is known, Lily Bearing has a group of experienced excellent engineers. They design each bearing solution for each client carefully with the concept of "Clients First". While designing the solution of bearings, they would consider both the working conditions and different technical parameters such as inner and outer diameter tolerance, limit speed, static and dynamic load, etc. Then they use advanced analysis methods for advanced calculation and simulation, and finally locate the bearing scheme to meet the client's needs.