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Different Types of Stainless Steel Made of Differenceon Stainless Steel Bearings

Release time : 2017-05-05 03:16:55
Now in the domestic market, the general phenomenon of many manufacturing is the production of products do not have the scale, stainless steel bearings is a sunrise industry. But in the international game, stainless steel bearings will encounter a variety of opportunities and different challenges, but also bring more opportunities for the domestic stainless steel manufacturers. For a long time in China, stainless steel bearings as a special part of the bearing industry. Because stainless steel bearings have good corrosion resistance, but it does not have mechanical properties. And in some very special circumstances, it will be longer life, environmental performance is better, so now more and more stainless steel bearings are used. Stainless steel bearings have a variety of different types of stainless steel now, so they also have their own performance and advantages and disadvantages in use. One, 440 stainless steel bearings 440 stainless steel bearings are used as the specification of the whole structure of stainless steel bearings, brackets and bearing seals skeleton data using the accuracy of iso specifications of the material. High-performance stainless steel bearings on the basis of corrosion-resistant and chromium steel can have a fight on the wear resistance. The most widely used stainless steel bearings. Advantage is low price, high hardness. And general weakness is corrosion resistant effect. Second, 316 stainless steel bearings Compared to other materials of some stainless steel bearings, 316 stainless steel bearings is not suitable for high speed. Because stainless steel can not afford to extract hard. But it has great superiority in rust resistance. Chemical and electronic industry has a great use, it has the very good corrosion resistance in the process of manufacturing. Third, 304 stainless steel bearings 304 stainless steel bearing is one of the most common material of stainless steel bearings, the price is lower than 316 stainless steel, corrosion resistance is better than the 440 c stainless steel.304 stainless steel is approved by the national food grade stainless steel. Corrosion resistance and non-magnetic, stainless steel has good resistance to oxidation.This stainless steel bearing is especially applicable in the production of all kinds of bad environment, accept ability good, high service life, maintenance free. And because of the high mechanical strength, big load capacity, so the stainless steel in acid water resistance is excellent, so the scope of application are more widely.