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Stainless Steel Bearings 20160923

Release time : 2016-09-23 14:35:10

Stainless steel bearing is a generic interchangeable part in entire machinery industry, and its demand is also very large. Until 2005, according to the statistics of bearing industry, the relatively large bearing manufacturing enterprises in our country is about 1400, and the production scale has reached more than 66000 kinds of bearings. The whole amount of bearings production have been nine billion sets in 2008, sales revenue reached 80 billion CNY. During the period of the “ten five plan” years in the country, production increasing by an average of 17.7% one year, annual sales revenue increased by 13.5%.

At present, China is still a developing country, since reform and opening up, national economy has developed rapidly. However, we know our national technological level is not very high and manufacturing industry is also not very advanced.  In the process of manufacturing, its technological content is low and compared with advanced countries, it still has a big gap. Our exported products are mainly composed of ordinary and low-level and most of them are resource product so that this waste is very big.  

China’s leaders have seen the importance of these problems in whole strategic layout, so in the period of “eleven five year’s plan”, they put forward the way of scientific and technological innovation, increasing investment to develop our national industry with the thriving road of national knowledge technology. So it is a good challenge to our stainless steel bearing enterprises in the future. As the present situation, owing to domestic technology content and national awareness of environment protection is not very high, even in this situation, the demand of domestic stainless steel bearing still increases 5% every year. China, a large country with a population of 1.3 billion, once started the markets, we can’t know how large the future market is.