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Stainless Steel Bearing 20160913

Release time : 2016-09-13 14:38:29

Due to the hot real estate market in recent years, the demand of steel is increasing sharply.  However, stocks of  house in 3rd and 4th tier provincial cities is huge, and economists of all stripes are worry about it. “How to solve the stock” becomes a hot vocabulary in a time.

As a traditional industry, the steel industry is looking for a way to thrive. How to adjust industrial structure, extend the industrial chain to enhance value-added of products? It should be solved immediately for whole steel industry. How do we produce steel with processing production and can create more value?

Stainless steel bearing manufacturing industry is a manifestation of deep processing, and make raw meterial to finished product through deep processing. There are many different kinds of bearing which can be used in different fields and effectively relieve excess iron and steel thus create a new value chain.

Now, we introduce a successful case about a traditional bearing Manufacturer use internet thinking to transformation successfully.

For example, Shanghai Lily Bearing manufacturing,CO,LTD  is an enterprise specializing in production of high quality bearings, using the popular Internet B2B model currently. At present, online operations is on the exploratory stage, the main business bearings are ball bearing, ceramic bearing, stainless steel bearing and nonstandard bearing. For example , skateboard bearings can be used for children outdoor activities, roller skating, skateboarding, etc. There are also special small dental drill bearings and miniature bearings.

As the name suggests, the dental drill bearing is dentist’s dedicated bearings in mobile phone. Shanghai Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co,Ltd produce dental drill bearing inner ring and outer ring adopts refining stainless steel material(9Gr18) ; ball adopts refining stainless steel(9Gr18) or non-metallic super-hard ceramic material(Si3N4) with good abrasion resistance.  Cage with high strength, low friction, and self-lubricating properties such as polyimide or 80 ~ 120 phenolic fabric bakelite material, under the air pressure of 200~250Kpa, the dental drill bearing rotate speed up to 350000~400000rPm. Under the condition of normal use, dental drill bearing’s working life is over 6 months.

The precision of high-speed dental mobile phone bearing meets the P4 level tolerance of national standards GB/T307.1-94, which can apply different countries and different types dental mobile phone.  Such as Japan and Western NSK, Austria W & H, Switzerland Bein Air, Lares, Germany KaVo, FARO, Beijing , Shanghai , Northwest plant , the US Midwest, Adec, Yoshida Yushida, Siemens Siemens, American Star and other brands of high-speed dental drill handpiece. Their processing not only meets the market demand, but also effectively alleviate the problem of excess iron. What’s more, it opens up a new path of development for traditional manufacturing industry.