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Stainless Steel Bearing 20160728

Release time : 2016-07-28 15:02:17

Stainless steel bearings with a waterproof rust and corrosion features, often for relatively harsh environmental conditions of the place. According to different materials Our production of stainless steel bearing materials are: stainless steel 420 bearing material, stainless bearing material 440, 304 stainless steel bearings, stainless steel 316L bearings. Mainly related to stainless steel deep groove ball bearings, spherical stainless steel ball bearings, stainless steel thrust ball bearings, angular contact ball bearing stainless steel, etc.

Stainless steel bearing on the application of a case I have to tell you about this, we know that this case can be compared to other stainless steel bearing material bearing what its advantages.

Recently, I have a client is doing electric toothbrush manufacturer to find me, they have a number of electric toothbrushes sample exports to foreign customers there. The foreign customer receives the sample test that the result is not good, said bearing from severe rust on the sample, so that the electric toothbrush catching rotation is not flexible.

We sent to customers over the bad sample analysis, this model is bearing: 687ZZ, size: 7 * 14 * 5mm. Bearing the original client on this electric toothbrush is used in order to reduce the cost of bearing steel material, but this gap bearing metal dust cover, the cover and the inner ring is large. This simply can not function as waterproof.

To solve these problems, we propose the following solutions to customers:

1, bearings made of stainless steel 440C material, which can solve the problem of corrosion.

2, the bearing cover using the contact seals, so that you can be in contact with all the electric toothbrush moisture isolation. Said here about contact seals referring to the inner and outer rings in contact with the bearing ring, the ring is completely embedded in the bearing inner ring among the sealing performance so much better than ordinary dust cover.

Customer our stainless steel bearings S687-2RS installed later, their electric toothbrush successfully passed the test and foreign customers to them immediately under the orders. So we get the customer orders and praise. Customer Xiao Wang gave us the unit sent a pair of electric toothbrush, Xiao Wang can be seen clearly after using his teeth white a lot, he’s a brilliant smile more.