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Spz Specialists Develop A New Cage Design

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:48:47
Specialists of the Chief Designer Department (CDD) of SPZ JSC have designed a single-piece brass cage for the spherical double-row bearing of the 3053132LN and 3053136N series to be used instead of two single-row ball bearings. Having decreased the number of component parts used in the needle roller bearing, the CDD designers have changed the number of friction planes and thus improved the overall working efficiency of spherical bearings. The newly-designed cage has enhanced technological effectiveness since only one constructively rigid component is required to be made instead of two components the intermediate guiding ring has been excluded from the technological process. The cage will be centered along the rolling elements. The introduction of this new solution will enable the plant to reduce miniature bearing production expenses and increase reliability of spherical bearings.