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Some Tips On Choosing Ceramic Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:05:26
We Shanghai LiLy Bearing could provide lots of ceramic bearings and components.
Usually full ceramic do not have that precision bearings as normal steel bearings due to too hard to process and limited technology so far, so if your equipment or instrumentation require high precision high performance, we do not recommend you using full ceramic bearing. For high temperature, strong acid or alkali, extreme working condition and so on, we recommend you using full ceramic bearing.
For examples, for high temperature till to 800 centigrade degree, we have full complement ceramic ball bearing which means 100% ceramic bearing which could work normally at 1200 centigrade degree; for strong acid or alkali, silicon nitride full ceramic bearing would be the best choice. At different extreme working conditions, we have different ceramic bearings options for you.
We have another ceramic bearings calls hybrid ceramic bearing, technically the rings are made in chrome steel, and the rolling elements made in ceramic (zirconia ceramic, silicon nitride ceramic or silicon carbide ceramic), the cage can be steel one, nylon one, PTFE or PEEK and so on. This kind of assembly helps a lot on rotate freely with very low friction. Besides, high precision hybrid ceramic bearings are available just as steel bearing do.
If you need bearings for bad working condition, please contact us Lily Bearing with specific requirements, our professionals will offer you best service at first time and cost-effective advice.