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Small Bearings Turning The Big World

Release time : 2015-05-12 10:17:13
As for the modern industry, bearings are needed in the place where the rotation exists. Otherwise, machines can't run smoothly and production is impossible. Therefore, we should pay more attention to bearings' fault signals, such as noise, temperature and vibration. Listening, touching and observing are the three important factors. Listening It is a common way to identify irregular movements. For example, we can use electronic stethoscope to check the abnormal noise. If bearings are working well, bearings always whined. If bearings are hissing harshly, it generally means bearings are in bad operation situation. Touching High temperature often shows bearings are in the abnormal situation. If bearings are being long running in extra-high temperature, the bearing life will be decreased. The reasons for high temperature include insufficient lubrication, excessive lubrication, impurities in the lubrication and overloads etc. So it is necessary to monitor the temperature. We can monitor the temperature by thermometer to make more precise measurement. Observing In order to ensure bearings run smoothly, we should regularly check the bearings and the oil seals to insure that the seals can prevent any corrosive liquid or gas from getting into bearings. The seals can prevent impurities from entering into bearings. On the other hand, seals can remain the lubricants within bearings. If the seals have been worn, we should replace them as soon as possible. Of course we can use the above methods to realize bearings are damaged. But usually at this time bearings must be replaced immediately. So a better approach is to use electronic testing equipments to previously anticipate bearings' operation condition