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Skfs V Belt And Multi V Belt Range To Complete Its Auxiliary Drive Offer

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:59:24
When the RC Bearings needs replacement, it often implies that the belt tensioner or idler pulleys are worn. SKF strongly recommends to replace the whole system, i.e the belt as well as the tensioner or idler pulley and offers the most complete auxiliary kit range of the market. However, one engine can have several auxiliary Ball Bearings drives depending on the customer specification. Too many kits would be required to cover all applications as we could have a different belt with the same BTU. Not turning away from the kit concept but strongly aiming at providing its customers with a flexible solution, SKF decided to launch an extended range of auxiliary belts in addition to the complete auxiliary kits. No compromise: the SKF Multi-V belts have the exact OE length OE length is a main issue: there is big potential risk related to the belts length like bad tension, noise, vibration. All mechanics know it: they look for the exact Miniature Bearings avoid future problems. The right components for every specific repair The SKF auxiliary drive offer includes 170 complete kits covering a large part of the car parc as well as an auxiliary belt offer which, combined with the tensioner units and idler pulleys, allows for a quick and reliable ion of the right components for every specific repair.