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Skfs Battery Driven Grease Gun

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:02:40
SKF high speed bearings has added the battery-driven grease gun LAGG 400B to its already extensive Maintenance Products range. The SKF battery-driven grease gun, LAGG 400B, is suitable for lubricating stainless steel bearings, machines, vehicles and other applications. Ergonomically designed, the new high quality grease gun can be used with all standard grease cartridges according to DIN 1284 or approximately 500 cubic centimeters (17 U.S. fluid ounces) of loose grease. The company constantly provides existing as well as potential customers with reliable, efficient solutions, contributing to correct maintenance practices and reduced downtime. By utilizing the new SKF needle roller bearings battery-driven grease gun, it is possible to, with minimum effort, empty a 420-milliliter cartridge, within approximately 10 minutes, significantly reducing cost and time when compared to hand-operated grease guns.