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Skf Supplying Bearings For Olympics Wind Turbines

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:15:10
SKF AB (Sweden; Stockholm: SKFA) revealed it is supplying RC Bearings for the wind turbine generators prominently on display at Beijing Olympics venues. The Chinese government awarded Goldwind, based in Xinjiang and the largest domestic wind turbine manufacturer, a contract in 2006 for 33 of the company's largest production units, 1500 kilowatts, to be used as backup and additional power requirements at the Olympics. It later added another 10, for a total of 43. Each 65 meters tall, all 43 turbines are located along Beijing's Guanting reservoir -- the site of several Olympic rowing competitions. With their camera-friendly location, the units serve double duty as China hopes to gain world favor by displaying the use of renewable energy strategies. SKF has been a Goldwind supplier for the company's lineup of smaller wind turbines. Goldwind's Director of Mechanical Design, Qiaoxhen Ning, said: "We are very happy to select SKF for this project because we know from experience that they understand the application demands of wind turbines, and the technical support we get from the engineers in SKF China is excellent." Unlike many other large turbine designs, the Goldwind 1500 kW unit is direct drive -- meaning it does not use a reduction gearbox. The turbine's mainshaft drive is a single piece, connected at the other end to the blades. As such, the mainshaft bearings are under more stress and load than a reduction gearbox design. Two Skateboard Bearings are being supplied by SKF: massive single row cylindrical roller bearings, approximately 1m OD; and smaller double-row tapered roller bearings, just over 600mm OD. Earlier this year, Goldwind spent Euro 41.2 million to acquire 70% of German wind turbine maker, Vensys Energy AG.