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Skf Schaeffler Quiet To Alleged Multi Million Fraud

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:58:59
The fake counterfeit bearing marketing campaign over the past 18 months netting multi million Euros to SKF-Schaeffler at the expense of other manufacturers and distributors of Stainless Steel Bearings worldwide appears stalled by the exposure and denial with each party accusing the other. The so-called Schweinfurt catch by SKF-Schaeffler has serious legal and moral issues to contend, leaving behind confusion with counterfeiting. The President of the Bearing Industry Code of Conduct, Mr. Ian McPherson states: Counterfeiting in any industry is most difficult and time consuming task to combat and control, but to be victim of a deliberate and deceptive act of fake counterfeit marketing of Water Pump Bearings that done by SKF-Schaeffler is a cruel and cowardly act of fraud? China and India are heavily scrutinised for counterfeiting seemingly contained to isolated types fairly easily detected. The Schweinfurt catch contained thousands of different types and sizes of High Speed Bearings nearly impossible to comprehend.