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Skf Rolls Out Four Contact Point Ball Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:25:54
SKF has released four-contact-point ball bearings (FCPBB) as part of its Explorer range. Four contact points make the bearings able to withstand higher loads and capable of greater speed ratings, enabling them to deliver long, zero-maintenance service life in a wider range of industrial applications. SKF Explorer FCPBB bearings combine increased power output with compact dimensions, making them suitable for high-tech applications. Compared with non-SKF Explorer versions, they are capable of 7 per cent higher load rating and 20 per cent higher reference speeds. SKF Explorer bearings are heat-treated, allowing them to operate reliably at a maximum operating temperature of 150C with minimal dimensional changes and constant clearance. Due to their higher quality elements and improved axial clearance, the bearings display considerably lower vibration and noise for improved accuracy and increased service life. A specially designed inner ring chamfer improves oil flow into the bearing for better lubrication and lower heat generation. Similarly, an improved, lighter cage design reduces imbalance forces, heat and friction for more dependable performance and longer life. All bearings in the range are laser-marked with an identification number for simplified traceability and an asterisk to make accurate mounting easier.