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Skf Lubrication Free Concentra Bearing Units Triple Life Of Fans

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:37:54
The latest generation of concentric locking bearing units from SKF, the leading knowledge engineering company, are enabling manufacturers to increase the reliability and performance of industrial fans, minimising maintenance costs for end users. The ConCentra range of ball and roller bearings offers service life of up to three times longer than that of conventional non-concentric mounting bearings and are lubrication-free, reducing operational costs considerably. The ConCentra bearings have been developed with the demands of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector in mind, featuring an innovative concentric locking mechanism that results in lower vibration, reduced fretting corrosion and, ultimately, improved performance for fans. The bearings are supplied as ready to fit units for quick and simple installation. Mounting and dismounting are facilitated by a specially designed Allen key and torque indicator to ensure the correct amount of torque is applied in order to achieve effective locking and optimum bearing performance. The lubrication-free solution offers OEMs a unique solution for the HVAC market providing reduced assembly times and costs and decreasing warranty claims due to the bearings' high reliability and extended service life. For end users, the ConCentra bearings provide significantly reduced maintenance requirements and costs, enabling productivity to be optimised. The ConCentra locking system is available in both ball bearing and roller bearing units, making the solution ideal for a diverse range of HVAC applications, including heating systems, ventilation installations and air conditioning unit