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Skf Launches High Speed Linear Profile Rail Guides

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:40:51
SKF Water Pump Bearings has introduced a range of modular linear profile rail guides that are designed for use in a range of demanding industrial applications. The LLT profile rail guides have been developed to combine high operating speeds with heavy load capacities. The modular design concept gives design and production engineers a range of system build options in terms of rail length, carriage size and profile, and for factors such as levels of accuracy, stiffness and preloading. Systems can be supplied for loads between 8,400 and 128,500N, operating at speeds of up to 3m/s, with a choice of six types of carriage and unlimited stroke length. The LLT system enables the four ball Stainless Steel Bearings raceways that sit between each rail and carriage to be configured in a conventional O-shaped or X-shaped arrangement, based on the contact angle of the rolling elements. Both systems provide load Needle Ball Bearings, acceleration, deceleration and side load, with the X-shaped raceway configuration offering self-aligning properties, combined with the ability to virtually eliminate variations between the rail and carriage, even under preload conditions. This makes the guides suitable for use in high-performance single and multi-axis applications. The arrangement of four raceways, each set with a 45deg contact angle, ensures equal load capacity while reducing frictional losses to a minimum, with low breakaway forces. This helps to produce smooth, easily controlled operation, even at extremely slow speeds, and plays a crucial role in providing extended operating life with minimal maintenance. Each of the LLT profile rail guides is constructed of inductive and case-hardened steel and is supplied pre-lubricated, with specially developed double-lip seals at either end of each carriage, plus side and inner seals to ensure that lubricants are retained and to prevent in the ingress of contaminants. Operating temperatures range from -20 to 80C, although each unit can withstand temperatures of up to 100C for short periods. SKF can supply a range of accessories and provides full technical and applications support.