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Skf Introduces Jaeger Ia4ab Ac Powered Linear Actuatorspic

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:16:54
Jaeger IA4A/B Series linear Needle Ball Bearings from SKF benefit from highly robust engineering for optimized and reliable performance in the most demanding AC-powered industrial applications. Enhanced corrosion resistance and effective O-ring sealing contribute added protection in harsh operating environments. IA4A/B linear Water Pump Bearings (110VAC and 230VAC) can run in a wide range of ambient temperature conditions from -26o C to 65o C. Static load capacity ranges from 4500N to 13600N, depending on model, and standard stroke lengths from 100mm to 600mm can be achieved. The IA4A series with Acme screw can realize full-load speeds up to 25mm/s and force up to 2300N in both push and pull modes. The IA4B series High Speed Bearings with high-efficiency ball screw can deliver full-load speeds up to 46mm/s with force reaching 6000N in both push and pull modes. Duty cycles for all models are 25%. These actuators feature rugged construction with powder coated aluminum housing, steel protection tube, stainless steel extension tube, and powder metal gears; a clutch offers overload protection for safety; and actuators are lubricated at the factory for their service life. Cable lengths can be customized as needed. Options include thermo protection, adjustable limit switches, and potentiometer sensor. Custom products can be developed and full application support is available