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Skf Developed The Hs04 Hydraulic Lubrication Pump

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:04:20
SKF has developed the HS04 hydraulic lubrication pump specifically for use with hydraulic hammers. The HS04 can be fitted to the hammer to provide efficient lubrication, even if the tool is uncoupled and moved from one machine to another. The hydraulically operated pump is said to be robust enough for even the most aggressive environments and is simple to maintain, keeping operating costs down. The HS04 hydraulic lubrication pump automatically dispenses the optimum amount of lubricant to the hammer as it is required. The delivery rate can be adjusted using a flow restrictor on the unit to meet the requirements of any application. The pump also features a manual lubricating nipple for emergency lubrication in the event of a hydraulic circuit failure. The pump has few parts and a durable construction. It is able to operate effectively at low temperatures and underwater, making it ideal for use with hydraulic hammers in hostile operating environments. When maintenance is required, for example, to change the cartridge or clean the oil strainer, this can be carried out quickly and easily. By using a dedicated lubrication pump for hydraulic hammers, a fit-for-purpose lubricant can be used, increasing the performance and uptime of machinery. SKF has developed a paste that can absorb high pressures, offers good corrosion protection and reduces wear, enabling hydraulic hammers to deliver a long, low-maintenance operating life.