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Skf Conditioning Monitoring Solutions Shining Through In Botswana

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:19:37
The SKF range of condition monitoring equipment's class leading technology has stood the test of time at a leading diamond mining operation in Botswana. Reliable performance of the SKF equipment over nearly two decades was the key factor in securing further orders for condition based monitoring equipment from this facility. "The mine has been using SKF Microlog FFT Analyzers and the older SKF Prism4 analysis software to monitor machinery condition since the mid 1980s" and recently upgraded to the new generation SKF Machine Suite application software and Microlog platforms, says SKF Product Support Manager - Reliability Systems, Abie Strauss. "The new generation SKF Analysis software is designed for extreme stability, ease of use and is technology ready for at least the next decade. Many of our customers have been successfully predicting equipment condition, using SKF equipment for the past fifteen years and more", continues Strauss. "Customers demand product continuity and our products are specially engineered to ensure not only seamless platform, but also version integration and cost effective operation over time. When new technology is introduced, our customers are secure in the knowledge that their existing equipment will continue to seamlessly integrate and perform reliably. SKF as a knowledge engineering company leads the way in continuously developing improved and specific solutions to industry, with an emphasis on long and durable value added use and support of our product range to our clients", explains Strauss. According to Strauss, the new generation SKF application software is supported based on the well known and very reliable Oracle database platform and more recently, due to customer demand, also the Microsoft SQL database platform. Although our mining client in Botswana had a preference for Microsoft SQL as the database platform, they were satisfied to proceed with the Oracle based installation, as the SKF Application software based on an SQL database, was already well into beta testing, with the understanding that the installation will be migrated to MS SQL as soon as testing was completed by SKF. Production at this mine demands equipment reliability and performance in line with world best practices and standards and SKF's condition monitoring equipment at this facility is considered a very valuable contribution in optimising the asset efficiency of its mining equipment. Continuous mine expansion further necessitates proactive maintenance as part of the maintenance strategy, as there can be no compromise when it comes to up time and increased productivity at this 24/7 operation When Strauss visited the mine in 2004, it was evident that the software required further customization to the mines requirements. "We always strive to meet and even, exceed every customer requirement, and our focus is to support our quality products with equally reliable service. The SKF system's flexibility and user friendliness enabled us to optimise the application without interruption to the condition monitoring programme at the mine", explains Strauss." During this time, the mine's existing SKF CMVA 55 Microlog's were also upgraded to CMVA 60 Microlog's, as yet another testament of the seamless and cost effective integration path within the SKF range of products to our clients" concludes Strauss. In 2005, this mining customer placed an order for SKF Machine Analyst multi-user networked application software as well as a new generation Windows CE based Microlog FFT Data collector / Analyzer, followed by an order for a further two units at the end of 2007. In addition to migrating the application software data at this diamond mine from an Oracle to a customer preferred SQL database, Strauss will also increase the user base from five to seven client seats, to accommodate the mine's expansion program. With more that 20 years experience in condition based maintenance, Strauss has the necessary expertise and experience to conduct onsite training for technicians and analysts on the new SKF equipment and techniques and will also be responsible for bridge-over training from the use of the old to the new SKF Reliability Systems equipment at this mine.