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Skf And Tesla Motors A Green Technical Partnership For The Future

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:02:06
SKF will provide Tesla Motors with bearings for the Tesla Roadster sports car. The Roadster is a stylish two-seater car that does 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds - yet burns no oil. It doesn't even have a tailpipe. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency's certified laboratory, the Roadster has a range of 244 miles in combined city and highway driving. Powering the vehicle costs about US$4 per charge. Both SKF and Tesla care for the environment and back sustainable technologies that provide an alternative to the internal combustion engine and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Reuse and recycling are key parts of the sustainable business philosophy of both companies. The battery cells in the Tesla Roadster are recyclable, and the vehicle is far more efficient than any production hybrid. SKF has a long history of working with automakers to boost vehicle performances; the company is focused on reducing energy consumption by making bearings roll with less friction. SKF promptly reacted to Tesla's demands to ramp-up production and customer deliveries of the Roadster. More than 100 people have taken ownership of Roadsters, and about 1,200 people have ordered them. Technical Specifications Propulsion system: 3-phase, 4-pole electric motor, 248hp peak (185kW) Top Speed: 125 mph Zero-to-60: under 4 seconds MPG: Battery power equivalent to 135 mpg Vehicle range: 244 miles Fuel(s): Electricity Battery system: Lithium-ion pack (recharge in as little as 3.5 hours) Tailpipe emissions: None Tesla Motors Inc., started in 2003 by Silicon Valley engineers and entrepreneurs, is an automobile company based in San Carlos, California, USA, focusing on designing and manufacturing all-electric, zero-emission cars. Tesla Motors designs and builds its own power electronics, motor, and other drivetrain components. The company uses in addition several domestic and overseas suppliers and partners as part of the supply chain, creating cars that do not require any compromise between performance and the environment. SKF is a leading global supplier in the areas of bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. The Group's service offer includes technical support, maintenance services, engineering consultancy and training. SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has 15,000 distributor locations worldwide. The Group's annual sales 2007 were SEK 58,559 million. The number of employees was 42,888.