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Skf Agri Hub Increasing The Performance Of Soil Cultivation Machines

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:02:57
SKF Agri Hub, an extremely robust unit for independent tillage discs, is developed to meet demands from the agriculture industry for increased productivity, cost reduction and conservative care of the environment. As efficient soil cultivation is at the heart of agricultural production, SKF is helping farmers increase their productivity by developing solutions for disc harrows with independent discs. These are now the mainstay of soil management, due to the introduction of the minimum tillage process in farm industry. Marchant Taylor, SKF??s Vehicle Service Market Manager, discusses a recent success achieved with the SKF Agri Hub. "At the 2500 hectare Kromvlei Farm, outside Hoopstad, Free State, owner Petrus Roux had problems with his tillage bearings. The bearings that the farmer was using would only last anything from a day up to a 100 hectares. This would mean that over an hour and a half would be spent on replacing each bearing arrangement. This would mean on average a loss of ten hectares per bearing planting and 4 hectares per bearing ripping," explained Taylor. SKF approached Mr. Roux with the SKF Agri Hub solution. Taylor reports, "Mr. Roux agreed to try out the SKF Agri Hub. To date the bearing is still running with no reports of any defects of the bearing arrangement. This is after already covering 600 hectares in very abrasive soil conditions, while using liquid fertilising. At the same time the rippers and tillage planters have undergone thorough wash down procedures," Taylor continues. "Reducing total cost and reliable up-time in the farming industry is of the utmost importance. The SKF Agri Hub has ensured continuous production with ease of mind and this is very comforting" confirms Petrus Roux, owner of Kromvlei Farm.